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PTA Council Delegate Corner

PTA Council Info

Find out more about PTA Council and its role here.

News from the District 41 PTA Council

The District 41 PTA Council is a group of PTA Presidents, District Board Members, our Superintendent, and leaders of PTA Committees meeting once a month to discuss and share important information and happenings in our schools, our community and our state legislature.

PTA Council Delegate Corner (updated 3/26/17)


Dr. Gordon, Superintendent Report


  • Officially passed
  • Construction will start around Spring 2018
  • Appreciates everyone’s support and help to pass the Referendum

New Administrators

  • A number of retirements, new hires and changes in administration within the District
  • Churchill Principal search has begun

Gas Station at 5 Corners

  • Entrusting Village Board to make a good decision
  • School Board Members
  • New Members starting soon


Catherine Lemon, PTA Council President

  • New Council Board Members announced
  • President Jodi Herbold, VP Kelly Hane, Treasurer Open, Secretary Jessica Buttemer