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Virtual Meet The Candidates Forum

Illinois PTA is a recognized 501 c 3 non-profit, which makes our work non-partisan and based on our Legislation Platform, Statements of Position and Continuing Positions. The candidate forum was designed to provide all candidates an equal opportunity to answer the questions that were pre-submitted..

D41 PTA Council claims copyright ownership of the recording. D41 PTA Council will maintain a recorded copy of the forum. 

Any use of the forum recording requires the express written approval of D41 PTA Council. To receive approval, including approval to post a link to the recorded forum, email admin@d41ptacouncil.org.

Audio and video of the forum must be broadcast unedited, in its entirety and without comment. Candidates and their designees may not use any portion of the recorded forum including audio clips, video clips, or partial transcripts of the forum in campaign advertisements or other material for partisan political purposes.

News from the District 41 PTA Council

The District 41 PTA Council is a group of PTA Presidents, District Board Members, our Superintendent, and leaders of PTA Committees meeting once a month to discuss and share important information and happenings in our schools, our community and our state legislature.